Our Methods

Thanks to our range of machinery we can customize your products in print or embroidery. Depending on the nature of your needs there are a number of factors that need consideration for the type of customisation suitable for your garments.


Embroidered garments are perfect for giving your company a recognisable brand identity while allowing your staff to promote your company. We can embroider a range of garments and material’s but find items such as polo shirts, jackets and sweatshirts are best but please just get in touch via our contact us form if you have a different requirement

Our embroidery process is simple and effective. Once your graphic or logo has been digitized and uploaded to the embroidery machine the magic begins. We surround the area you want your chosen embroidery on with a metal frame to ensure that the garment is secure and add a backing fabric to allow the embroidery to take to the fabric fully.

We use _________ embroidery machine and personally sourced threads to guarantee a high quality finish.

Watch this process in action (upload a video of this)



Print - Transfer

The best way to think of Transfer Print is to think of the way numbers are applied to football kits. Your logo or graphic is applied to a sheet of vinyl and then carefully cut and applied to your garment and sealed using a heat press. 

Vinyl transfer’s are ideal for designs with a low level of colours or a smaller quantity requirement. This method is perfect for most garments apart from fleece or wool. 

Watch this process in action (upload a video of this)